Pro-Seal 898 Concentrate

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Natural Stone Sealer

This concentrated formula comes in a 5 litre container. It easily mixes with water to make 20 litres of product.

Pro-Seal 898 is a premium natural stone sealant. It is perfect for dense surfaces like granite, marble, and polished concrete.

Two coats of the product are needed. This is a standalone system – no undercoats or other products are required. Pro-Seal 898 concentrate is an eco-friendly, non-toxic, safe sealer. The application process is super easy. This is the only product you need to seal all your dense, natural and manufactured stone surfaces. It has an easy application process and is highly stain resistant.

One container seals a surface of up to 200m2.

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Pro-Seal 898 Natural Stone Sealer is a non-toxic, eco-friendly sealer. It is breathable and gets deeply into porous surfaces such as granite, marble and other natural stone products. Pro-Seal 898 is perfect for commercial use, workshops, and factory floors. It is an Australian product and is produced as a pure, fast working acrylic sealer.

Pro-Seal 898 has very small polymer chains. In this product the polymer chains are just a few nano-metres in length. This means that they can penetrate deeply into the material and connect to form an interlocking substance. The substance that is created strengthens and protects the sealed materials. The top of this substance sits above your material and provides a protective layer. You need to apply an extra coat every 3-5 years to top up the protective layer and safeguard your materials.

The majority of acrylic sealers have large individual polymer chains that form a thick film on your material’s surface. These films are not highly adhesive which makes them much more likely to delaminate (that is split apart into layers) and to fail than our penetrating sealers.

As Pro-Seal 898 Natural Stone Sealer has the smallest polymer size of our sealants, and is perfect for dense materials like granite, densified concrete, and marble. For more porous surfaces such as concrete, Pro-Seal 896 is more appropriate.

Pro-Seal 898 is a true nano sealer and provides a very thin, yet durable surface layer. It does not usually give you a high gloss result – however, if your surface is smooth the application of Pro-Seal 898 will result in a high shine. The surface can then be buffed to achieve an even greater gloss level.

Apply the product as a two coat stand alone sealing system on polished concrete or natural stone. You can also use Pro-Seal 898 as a final coat over Pro-Seal 896 or Pro-Seal 770 on more porous surfaces.


  • Developed with Moisture Retention Technology (MRT) which assists in the quality of curing cement-based materials
  • Multi-purposes sealer for dense, natural stone and polished concrete surfaces
  • Increases the quality of the surface of concrete whether new or old
  • Gives maximum stain resistance
  • Non-hazardous product that is safe both during and after installation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • UV stable. Your product is protected from the sun.
  • Industrial grade pure acrylic sealer
  • Will not delaminate, blister, turn yellow or peel over time
  • It is a commercial grade product and deal for use in factories, workshops and commercial premises
  • Is ideal for application to wet surfaces, saving you time and money
  • Easy to clean up – simply wash with water


Curing Time:
– Touch dry: 30-60 minutes
– Foot Traffic: 24 hours
– Vehicle Traffic: 72 hours
Coverage: Coverage rates depend on porosity of surface that is being sealed.
– Covers dense surfaces like granite <40m2/L
– Is ideal as a gloss finish. When used in conjunction with Pro-Seal 896 or Pro Polish 770 the recommended coverage rate is 20-25m²/litre (this is dependent on the surface porosity).
Dilution: 1:3 (1 part product : 3 parts water). Porous substrates are to be pre-treated with Pro Polish 770 or Pro-Seal 896
Clean-up: Water
Equipment needed: Pump sprayer or WBS CSU (Commercial Spray Unit) and a broom or microfiber cloth/mop
Odour: None


Pro-Seal 898 is used with confidence to seal and provide stain protection for all types of natural stone, including benchtops and tables.

It is also used as a final gloss coat together with another WBS product. We recommend Pro Polish 770 or Pro-Seal 896 for best results.

Pro-Seal 898:

  • Is a quality penetrating sealer
  • Provides excellent stain-protection for your products
  • Is excellent for use to seal natural stone benchtops and use on outdoor kitchens. It is UV stable, safe and completely non-toxic. It will not peel, or discolour with time
  • Is an excellent top coat option for driveways, alfresco areas, around the pool or wherever a higher gloss finish is required


Pro Seal 898 comes in a highly concentrated form that requires dilution with water prior to application. Completely saturate all substrates prior to application to ensure the best possible penetration and performance.

Suggested dilution rate: 1:3 (1 part product 3 parts water)

Dense Natural Stone and Polished Concrete:
Apply Pro Seal 898 as a fine mist spray and massage in thoroughly with a micro-fibre cloth. Ensure any access sealer is wiped off the surface. Failure to do so may result in an uneven finish.

Exposed Aggregate & Other Porous Surfaces:
Apply Pro Seal 898 only as a final coat in the WBS sealing system where a higher gloss level is desired. As a minimum, this involves pre sealing with Pro Seal 896.

Use a soft bristle broom to sweep out any pools that develop. The sealer can be walked over without concern during the curing process.

Doesn’t need to be stripped off prior to reapplication. While Pro-Seal 898 will remain in the substrate and provide protection for 15+ years it is recommended that a recoat be applied to the surface once every 3 years to maintain best appearance. This is particularly relevant for high use areas.

Environment & Safety

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • It is best practice to clean spills as soon as practical.
  • Wash up any spills by flushing with water.
  • Most household cleaners can be used on Pro-Seal 898, however use of any harsh chemicals may damage or reduce the life of the sealer.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin
  • Store in cool dry area
  • Keep product out of direct sunlight
  • Classified as Non-Hazardous Material

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